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-Mayor Tim DeGeeter, Parma
-Former Mayor Dean Depiero, Parma
-Treasurer Tom Mastroianni, Parma
-Law Director Tim Dobek, Parma
-Council President Sean Brennan, Parma
-Councilwoman Debbie Lime, Parma Ward 2
-Councilman Brian Day, Parma Ward 4
-Councilman Tom Regas, Parma Ward 5
-Councilman Larry Napoli, Parma Ward 6
-Councilman Scott Tuma, Parma Ward 8
-Councilman Roy Jech, Parma Ward 9
-Clerk of Council Ken Ramser, Parma
-Clerk of Courts Marty Vittardi
-Mayor Frank Jackson
-Mayor Jack Bacci
-Mayor Michael Procuk
-Councilman Kevin Kelley
-Councilman Matt Zone
-The Cuyahoga County Democratic Party
-The Ohio Democratic Party
-The Parma Democratic Party
-Teamsters D.R.I.V.E.
-United Auto Workers
-United Transportation Union
-The International Union of Operating Engineers
-Fraternal Order of Police Parma Lodge No. 15
-Ohio State Medical Association
-Ohio AFl-CIO
-Ohio Association of Professional Firefighters
-Ohio Nurses Association
-Ohio Education Association

and Many More!!!

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